Resource Profile – Harry

Resource Profile – Harry Jones

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Harry is Painted Red’s youngest recruit and at the start of an exciting career! He gained some good old fashioned work experience with various placements during his time at College, but his heart has always been in the world of computer programming.

His natural flair in this area led Harry to pursue a career in technology, specifically in the NetSuite arena where he can hone his JavaScript and HTML skills.

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Project Experience

NetSuite OneWorld implementation for Tomorrow London Ltd –Technical/Functional Consultant

Tomorrow London began their NetSuite OneWorld Implementation in October 2018. Harry joined the project team in March 2019 and immediately became responsible for the Design to Build, Item Master and Data Cleansing parts of the project.

During his time working with the team at Tomorrow London, Harry has been involved in a number of areas including:

  • Inventory and Matrix Item configuration
  • Customer/Vendor setup
  • System configuration and customization of forms, fields and records
  • Provision and development of reports and saved searches
  • Troubleshooting errors and issues within NetSuite
  • Continued testing of integrations with Patchworks and Joor
  • Maintaining HTML templates
  • Continued cleansing and importing of historic data
  • Creating and deploying scripted solutions to automate tasks currently handled manually
  • Conference room pilot
  • Preparation of User Acceptance Testing scripts
  • Assisting with User Acceptance Testing

NetSuite OneWorld Re-design layouts for Kognity Inc.

Technical Consultant

Kognity are a Swedish company providing digital training courses and textbooks throughout the world. They implemented NetSuite in 2017, but had specific requirements for the templates in use within NetSuite.

Harry undertook this project and completely re-designed and restructured Kognitys set of templates. This involved some complex HTML coding in order to meet the customers subsidiary and tax specific requirements for each template document.

General Career Experience

Building on the knowledge gained through his IT Extended Diploma course, Harry spent the first few months with Painted Red studying the world of NetSuite and its technical areas.

Harry has successfully completed the following NetSuite courses:

  • NetSuite Essentials
  • NetSuite Financial Management
  • Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals
  • SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals
  • SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches
  • SuiteScript 1.0: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript
  • SuiteScript 2.0: Extend NetSuite with JavaScript
  • SuiteScript 2.0: Custom User Interface Development

Harry has spent time onsite with NetSuite customers and has gained some invaluable, hands on experience within a variety of business sectors. He has undertaken scripting work for various customers and provided support to other Painted Red consultants when technical input is required.

Harry is highly motivated and excited to put everything he has learned into practice. He has already had a taste of how rewarding it is to work with a project team and solve problems for clients, and is very keen to provide assistance to more clients and share the NetSuite love!