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Resource Profile – Ross Grant

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Ross has come to Painted Red from a Recruitment background having spent 3 years working as a NetSuite Recruiter. During that time, he built up a vast network within the NetSuite arena and, having seen first hand how often businesses need to employ specialist external resource to optimise their NetSuite platform, he decided to take a leap of faith and changed his career direction.

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Project Experience

NetSuite OneWorld implementation for Tomorrow London Ltd
Functional Consultant

Tomorrow London began their NetSuite OneWorld Implementation in October 2018. Ross joined the project just as the Finance Team were about to go live and he was able to undertake the essential NetSuite Administrator go live support tasks, including:

  • Subsidiary management
  • Customer/Vendor setup
  • Data management
  • System configuration and customization of forms, fields and records
  • Provision and development of reports and saved searches
  • Troubleshooting errors and issues within NetSuite
  • Creation of users, managing user access and maintaining system access/roles and permissions
  • Providing end user training and supporting documentation
  • Providing ongoing support

Phase 2 of the project has covered Design to Build, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay and Ecommerce. Ross has been involved in each of these work streams, taking the lead on the Procure to Pay process which included:

  • Having responsibility for the integration with Tomorrow Londons 3PL integration partner Patchworks and ensuring all Procure to Pay processes were successfully implemented with Tomorrow Londons Integrated Warehouses.
  • Liaising daily with Patchworks throughout the integration and undertaking extensive testing in a number of areas including:
    • Purchase Orders
    • Inventory Adjustments
    • Vendor Returns
    • Customer Returns
  • Go Live preparation with individual users including creation of user adoption documentation, assisting with User Acceptance Testing and leading multiple workshops and demonstrations of NetSuite functionality.
  • Undertaking a significant amount of Data Migration. Migrating open Purchase Orders from SAP into NetSuite via CSV import. The original Excel files exported from SAP required extensive manipulation in order to get them into an acceptable format for NetSuite.

General Career Experience

The years Ross has spent working closely with NetSuite end users has given him an exceptional insight into what clients need from a NetSuite Consultant and what expertise he needs to provide.

Building on that extensive experience, Ross has successfully completed the following NetSuite courses:

  • NetSuite Essentials
  • NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals
  • NetSuite ERP Fundamentals
  • Accounts Payable Fundamentals
  • Accounts Receivable Fundamentals
  • SuiteAnalytics: Reports and Searches
  • SuiteFlow: Workflow Fundamentals
  • NetSuite: Financial Management
  • Inventory Item Costing
  • Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals

During the initial months at Painted Red, Ross spent time shadowing his senior colleagues on customer sites. This allowed him to gain invaluable, hands on experience within a variety of business sectors. Throughout this period of time, Ross undertook numerous NetSuite Administrator tasks, assisted with training sessions, tested custom solutions, configured custom fields, custom records, saved searches and reports. He has also encountered a substantial amount of data migration, as well as the inevitable end user troubleshooting.

Ross is a dynamic, highly motivated individual and excited to share his knowledge and experiences with clients to help them achieve (and maintain) a successful ERP implementation as well as helping everyone to learn to love NetSuite!