What We Do

Painted Red provides specialist Project Management and functional Consulting services across the NetSuite ERP platform, although we have a great track record for applying the same methodology and providing the same excellent service to any IT project or system implementation.

Netsuite Training

We can provide dedicated training for your end users of NetSuite, in all areas of your business. This helps ensure all the people are using the software effectively and getting the most out of it.

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Project Management

We provide project management across a number of different software solutions, such as NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Navision. Our project delivery service helps ensure a smooth changeover between systems.

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Configuration Review

NetSuite is an evolving system. It is easy to miss new functionality that could streamline your current processes. We can offer a review of established configuration to see how it could be improved.

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Adding new functionality, fine-tuning or tweaking existing software and automating processes in NetSuite using SuiteScript.

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